Who We Are

In 2019, three friends came together to create an emerging theatre company that would focus on telling human stories in supernatural worlds. They created their debut play, Relatively Dead for the Lincoln Performing Art Centre's new writing festival, Newvolutions. As COVID struck, they turned to creative online audio work. Which as big lovers of podcasts and audio books, was a dream come true. The group created The Petrol Station, a scifi horror audio drama.

Below is a list of the main team behind Far Island, though more freelancing colleagues will be added later. 

Meet The Team

Annis McGee
They / Them

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Creative Director 

Annis is the writer and creator of The Petrol Station. They have worked together with Liv and Georgia since graduating university and loves making worlds that people are explore and enjoy. With an MA in theatre, their passion is in creating immersive supernatural work for all.


Livia Brown
She / Her


Co Founder Third Eye Theatre

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When Livia is not busy saving lives at an NHS crisis team, she works as our diligent director. Blending her experience from America and beyond, Livia has directed all of the Far Island and Third Eye Theatre productions. 


Georgia Petts
She / Her

Performer / Writer

Co Founder Third Eye Theatre

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Georgia spends her day working for the National Trust, but at night comes alive creating new stories for the company to tell. She is a lead performer for the theatre productions, and works with the team to create powerful performances.